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WNOK @ TOPAZ FILM FESTIVAL by Women In Film Dallas 2023

For 22 years, Women in Film Dallas has provided a platform for independent female filmmakers to promote their work through it’s annual film festival.

From October 20th – 22nd 2023, the Topaz Film Festival will hold at The Media Tech Institute, Dallas where some of the best women lead films from around the world will be on showcase.

This year, the Festival Spotlight is on our very own WHAT NO ONE KNOWS

Visit https://www.wifdallas.org/

“…We are extremely excited about this one today. Our #wnokbaby is the spotlight on feature films at @wifdallas where we will be deep diving into the filmmaking process from script to screen. This is definitely going to be a different kind of screening and our formidable Writer/Producer/Actor @topsythebullturpentine will be there to represent not just the film, but all women in filmmaking…”