I Have an Idea Entertainment


Tope’s odyssey in the realm of entertainment began with her childhood appearances in TV commercials, where her innate talent shone through even at a tender age. As a student, she became an integral part of her secondary school’s Performing Group, where her talent continued to blossom. Her peers recognized her leadership abilities, appointing her as the Social Prefect of her graduating class from 1994 to 1995, a role she executed with charisma and grace.

Armed with a degree in Economics from the prestigious University of Lagos, Tope embarked on a remarkable journey that led her into the dynamic world of Events Management. As an Events Manager Tope worked with distinguished individuals to spearhead and pioneer events which received media attention as major national successes, namely among which were The Dignifying Womanhood Programme in 2004 which lauded the achievement of female role models within Africa and the diaspora; and also the launch of the Nigerian Chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), which was a non-profit organisation committed to empowering students to make positive decisions and raising awareness about youth-related issues of concern, such as HIV/AIDS, drugs, child trafficking, violence etc. 

Her dedication and artistic flair soon led her back to the small screen, where she left an indelible mark as one of the pioneering actors in the beloved sitcom ‘My Flatmates.’ Her magnetic presence and exceptional talent made her an instant fan favourite. Tope also featured in pilot episodes for A-Z, a TV programme produced by AV.Com; and then went on to perform as the visual voice over for a TV show aired on AIT, which told true stories of HIV/AIDS victims.

Tope’s life took an interesting turn when she decided to take a hiatus from the limelight to focus on her family. During this time, she didn’t let her passion wane. Instead, she diversified her expertise and ventured into the world of Banking and Management Consulting, where she excelled and displayed her multifaceted talents.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Tope Laguda sought to further enhance her skills and knowledge in the world of entertainment. She embarked on an educational journey, becoming a graduate of Acting for Film from the esteemed Met Film School at Ealing Studios in London. This educational feat solidified her position as a versatile and erudite actor with a wealth of experience and wisdom.

Tope prides herself on being a Scholarly Mooncalf who best expresses herself through her writing and performance. She is a Director of I HAVE AN IDEA ENTERTAINMENT LTD.

Leke’s professional involvement in the entertainment industry began in 1999 when he worked at Steam Broadcasting, on one of Nigeria’s foremost private radio stations Cool FM, as a Producer/Presenter. Popularly called “Lakeside”, he produced and presented a wide variety of content, such as the “Good Morning Nigeria” Morning Show. The Saturday and the Sunday Afternoon shows, the Sunday Night Request Show and especially the Fanta Fun Hour. Leke is a writer of music, poetry and prose and was the winner of a poetry writing competition in 2006. Leke currently runs a Management Consultancy and is a Director of I HAVE AN IDEA ENTERTAINMENT LTD.