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WNOK is in NOW Film Festival Official Selection 2023!!!

In 2013, NollywoodWeek Film Festival was launched in Paris, France.

Now considered the reference for Nigerian cinema and globally acclaimed for its curation, the festival has expanded beyond the borders of Nigeria to include high quality, thought provoking, and entertaining productions from other countries in Africa and the African Diaspora.

Feature films, short films, TV series and animations are all put on display during this 4-day event now celebrating its 10th anniversary!

NollywoodWeek has helped launch the global careers of many and now its back for another edition!

The feature films in the official selection are in competition to win the Audience Choice Award (Prix du Public) which is awarded to the film with the highest marks from the audience. Immediately after each screening, the audience is invited to rank the film and the winner is announced during the Closing Ceremony of the festival. Previous winners include movies such as King of Boys, About a Boy, Lockdown, Phone Swap, The Meeting, 76, The Wedding Party and Isoken. The winning filmmaker receives a range of top of the line lenses on loan free of charge from the Angénieux brand to shoot their next film.