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WNOK Baby has bagged another one…

What No One Knows has been announced as the Winner in the BEST INDIE FEATURE category of the Best Film Awards 2023

Best Film Awards is an organization that brings IMDb Qualifying Online Film Festival with screening for filmmakers around the world. Last year, they honoured the directors who were shortlisted for Oscar and BAFTA nominations.

The festival is based on a professional approach. In the evaluation, they focus on the technical design of the film, the idea of ​​the film, dramatic gradation, the tone of the film, the script, the conflict, the reality of the action, the acting performances and they pay attention to the details on which the film is composed.

The festival organisers are themselves filmmakers, producers and entrepreneurs. They know how difficult it is to show the world that someone appreciates hard work. That’s why they came up with a unique project in which they involved several jurors from around the world and created a new opportunity to show films to the world. The mission of the Best Film Awards is to recognize talent and passion and to award the best film project.