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IHAIE & IHeartsCinema Strike A Winning Combo for WHAT NO ONE KNOWS!!!

IHAIE is excited to be collaborating with Deborah Sheppard of IheartCinema to help develop a longer term sales opportunity for What No One Knows.

Deborah Sheppard brings extensive experience to the fore having worked on over 160 premieres and the release of over 420 films, covering theatrical and digital distribution as well as event campaigns, such as, American Beauty, Shakespeare in Love, Mission Impossible 3 and many more.

IheartCinema was set up by Deborah Sheppard initially to undertake individual projects on behalf of distributors and producers, however, IheartCinema has grown to encompass a multitude of bespoke services, with affiliations to like-minded companies, who work together to optimise whatever is needed across all aspects of production, sales and distribution, including training and advice.

IHAIE’s What No One Knows has only just begun its festival run and has already received two award nominations at the Cannes World Film Festival for Best Indie Feature and Best African Film.

Stay tuned for more updates!!!